Corporate governance statement

Remuneration statement

Pursuant to the Finnish Companies Act and the Articles of Association of Uponor Corporation (hereinafter 'the Company'), the control and management of the Company is divided among the shareholders, the Board of Directors ('the Board') and the Chief Executive Officer ('CEO'). The Company's shares are quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki, and the Company observes its rules and regulations for listed companies.

Furthermore, the Company complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 ( issued by the Securities Market Association, with the exception of recommendation 15, in relation to the Personnel and Remuneration Committee, which has two members instead of three members as stated in the recommendation. Uponor considers that sufficient expertise for the Personnel and Remuneration Committee is secured with two members, and the Committee may also obtain views from outside of the Committee. The Committee acts as a preparatory and assisting body for the Board of Directors, and all essential matters relating to remuneration shall be dealt by the Board of Directors.

For yearly details, please refer to the printed annual report or the electronic annual report.