Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is mainly responsible for formulating and implementing the Group's strategy. It also discusses and decides on significant operational issues, while each of its members is responsible for the Group's day-to-day management with respect to his/her field of responsibility.

The ExCom shall, among other things, attend to the following:

a) the Group's strategy and its implementation throughout the Group;
b) budgets, business plans and their implementation;
c) significant organisational changes and any changes in employment conditions affecting large numbers of employees such as:
- the composition of area/regional management teams,
- major structural changes within the organisation,
- all major redundancy programmes,
d) the appointment or removal of Senior Officers and Unit Managers belonging to the reporting chain of any ExCom member;
e) annual salary and incentive structures of the management (excluding those of ExCom members);
f) investments and leasing arrangements with net present value of leases being in the limits specified in the Signing and Authorisation Policy;
g) acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships and licensing arrangements and, should these exceed the limit specified in the Signing and Authorisation Policy, the ExCom shall submit a proposal to the Board;
h) incorporation or dissolution of legal entities;
i) asset divestments - including real estate, legal units and shares in the limits specified in the Signing and Authorisation Policy;
j) performance by region/unit including analysis of market trends and the competitive environment, as well as significant corrective actions (to be discussed in each meeting);
k) R&D and new business development priorities and resources;
l) items related to the Group's brand architecture;
m) legal disputes and claims of a significant nature including matters at regional/unit level;
n) other matters, upon the Board's request.

ExCom prepares proposals to the Board on matters which require a resolution of the Board.


The ExCom comprises of the CEO and the number of executives determined by the Board, with the CEO acting as the Chair. For more information on ExCom members and their responsibilities, please see Executive Committee.

Meetings and decision-making

The ExCom meets 8-12 times a year, with informal records being kept of its meetings. In 2017, the ExCom held ten meetings.

The target is to achieve a unanimous view among the members of the ExCom on the issues under discussion. The decisions shall be confirmed by the Chair.