Key principles

  • Easy-to-understand, up-to-date, transparent and consistent information
  • Equal treatment of all IR audiences
  • Information and people easily accessible


  • To provide accurate and relevant information to all IR audiences simultaneously so that the capital market can make a fair valuation of Uponor
  • To build investor confidence in Uponor, both at home and internationally

Uponor aims to be an attractive investment and to increase shareholder wealth long-term, based on a combination of the professional and ethical management of the company, a stable and competitive dividend policy and the growing value of the Uponor share.

The above shall be fulfilled in all written communications, such as annual and interim financial statements, press and investor news releases, Internet pages, and any other communications with analysts, investors and the financial media.

Uponor strives to comply with the requirements for listed companies as defined by the Securities Markets Act and the rules of the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Uponor publishes investor information on the company's investor web pages in English and in Finnish. Future IR events are included in the company's IR calendar.

Meeting requests