Uponor is a leading international systems and solutions provider for safe drinking water delivery, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure. The company serves a variety of building markets including residential, commercial, industrial and civil engineering. Uponor Corporation is listed in the Large Cap segment on the Nasdaq Helsinki exchange. 

The megatrends reshaping our future – such as the growing need for energy efficiency, sustainable resource consumption, a circular economy and water stewardship – mark a paradigm shift towards innovative sustainable solutions for heating, cooling and hygienic water distribution.

Uponor aims to be an attractive investment and provide its shareholders with long-term returns, based on a combination of professional and ethical management, a stable and competitive dividend policy and Uponor shares that grow in value.

The company: An industry innovator building on a century of tradition

  • The Uponor company brand is recognised in key international markets within the industry, placing Uponor among the short-listed group of suppliers with major wholesale and distribution partners in Europe and North America

  • Proven historic growth, organically and through acquisitions, supported by continuous investment in the development of leadership and know-how

  • Stable business with a track record of profitable performance, even during downturns

  • Actively tapping into new business opportunities emerging on the basis of prefabrication, designed solutions and digitalisation (IoT)
  • An up-to-date production network from the production technology perspective, as well as regional spread
  • Primarily serving the residential and non-residential building markets, as well as the utility infrastructure markets, the company’s wide range of international operations and diverse customer base, and its exposure to both new build and renovation, serve as buffers against cyclicality
  • Committed long-term key ownership with a clear understanding of the industry’s dynamics

The business: Solutions for safe drinking water delivery, energy-efficient heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure

  • A leading international supplier of plastic plumbing and hydronic radiant heating systems, with an established market-leading position in large markets such as the USA, Germany and the Nordic countries

  • A strong position in civil engineering pipe systems in northern Europe

  • A proven track record of superior quality supported by product, system and value chain innovation that meets customer expectations

  • Customer intimacy built on long-term partnerships with installers, specifiers and other shapers of the building industry
  • Penetration of offering driven by high quality, ease of installation, end-user comfort and, increasingly, by eco-efficiency and life-time cost of ownership
  • Total offering committed to: Comfort, Health, Efficiency, Sustainability and Safety